Saturday, 29 August 2015

Wałbrzych - Nazi “Gold Train” Found?

Two men claimed last week to have solved a famous Polish mystery – the riddle of the Nazi “Gold Train”. The train, carrying a fortune in Nazi gold, is said to have disappeared in the country’s southern mountains as the Red Army advanced in April 1945. There have been previous – false – claims to have found the loot, but this one could be genuine: the anonymous treasure hunters have filed papers with the local government, claiming their entitlement to 10% of the find’s value should they be proved correct. Locals suggest that the train might be hidden in the vast, disused “Project Riese” tunnel complex built for unknown reasons by the Nazis near the city of Wałbrzych.

Source: The Week

According to sources quoted by the BBC the train definitely exists. They know where it is too. It would be an incredible find and just imagine if the gold was still there.

Project Riese was absolutely vast and not a great detail is known about it. I have never heard of it. Amazing stuff.


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