Sunday, 31 August 2014


I haven't bookmarked a new website for ages. I think most people start off by bookmarking all their favourites and then quickly fade out. We then get stuck in a loop of looking at the same sites all the time, which is fair enough.

Today I found a new site I like and ExtremeTech gets bookmarked. It's a site that does what it says on the tin and has some very interesting stories. Go and have a look.

What a week of news

Major news everywhere;

1) ISIS, Syria, Iraq and UK Security.

2) Russia invades Ukraine.

3) Second Scottish independence debate and aftermath.

4) Tory MP Douglas Carswell defects to UKIP and announces by election in Clacton.

5) Rotherham child abuse, monumental scale - the horror.

6) Missing Ashya King found in Spain. The truth will out eventually. All odd.

7) Man UTD can't win and nor can the English cricket team.

8) Technological breakthroughs everywhere.

9) Libya falls apart.

10) Massive immigration numbers continue.

Etc etc etc

I'd have thought the potential break up of the Union via the Scottish referendum would have been bigger news but maybe people are bored of it at present. It will pick up again at the end of next week as we get close to the ballot day. The quality of the debate was awful, just shameful.

The Ukrainian situation is madness, but highlights how powerless EU countries are as no one has a credible military apart from UK and France and those forces are now quite small in number if technologically quite advanced. The light is fading.

ISIS are a small group, well financed, over stretched and crackers. Assad has played a blinder in Syria by allowing their growth which deflects attention from him. It has also highlighted how weak the Iraqi state is, indeed I don't think it exists on the ground. I just hope our intelligence services did know what was going on but were ignored. If they didn't they are rubbish.

The Rotherham child abuse scandal is just beyond belief. Awful. Nothing seems to change and I doubt another "inquiry" will help. Needs societal change. I fear it's the tip of an iceberg and we would all like the nasty news to go away, which is of course how it thrives.

The UKIP phenomenon continues. The Westminster bubbles ability to consistently underestimate them never ceases to amaze. The commentariat have been hopelessly wrong highlighting North London liberals detachment from planet earth. If Carswell retains his Clacton seat as a UKIP MP following the by election it will be a game changer. It will show people that they can kick the LibLabCon elite and get results. Utterly disastrous for Cameron and Miliband.

Some news is even good news! For example various cancer and heart treatment breakthroughs. Normal panes of glass can now be utilised for solar power. Lots of it is tech related stuff that may help save us all!

Etc etc etc

It just seemed to be an incredible week of news.