Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Living in The Now

I like this poem even if it comes from an advert. See the add on YouTube from the link below.

The words to the Magners Ad poem

"Now is a good time"

When yesterday's gone and tomorrow is near,
Why look for a thing when it's already here.
And tell me you never once asked yourself how
Some people end up in the middle of the now.
Now is the beat of the feet on the floor,
Now is the then we were all waiting for.
It's the strike of the luck.
It's the go with the flow.
It's the sharing the luck with the people we know.
See, a wise fool once said,
Kinda out of the blue,
That life is a dream
That's already come true.
It's less of the what and the where and the how,
It's more of the you and the me and the now.

(Composed specially for a television ad campaign on behalf of Magners Original Irish cider 2013)

Monday, 6 May 2013

Cameron's problem encapsulated by Montegomerie

Tim Montgomerie (former editor of the conservative home website) in this mornings Times sums up what the Tory base thinks Cameron has done. This coalition Government has faced a very very difficult economic climate but Cameron has also not been Mr Perfect when it comes to dealing with his base support hence the further collapse in Tory membership. Going into coalition was also the best thing ever for UKIP but still I reckon below is a decent stab at how the base feel:

"Spend most of your time as Tory leader ignoring the issue that matters most to your activist members: Europe. Launch your bid to be leader by promising to introduce a tax allowance for married couples and then, once you’ve won power, fail to deliver that pledge at four successive Budgets. Tell parents that they can set up any school they want as long as it’s not the one they most want, a grammar school.

Stop Gordon Brown holding a honeymoon election in 2007 by promising to abolish inheritance tax but then put it up in office. Spend the general election campaign talking about an issue that no one understands — the Big Society — and don’t talk about immigration, an issue that three-quarters of voters do care about. Subsidise expensive renewable energies at a time when families are struggling to pay their electricity bills.

Form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats even though 80 per cent of your members want you to lead a minority government. Promise not to reorganise the NHS, then reorganise it anyway. Oppose press regulation but then embrace it. Keep pledging to tackle European human rights laws but do nothing when Abu Qatada proves again and again that Britain is run by inventive lawyers rather than democratically-drafted laws.

Insist that you want to reach out to northern and poorer parts of Britain but stuff your Downing Street operation with southern chums who attended the same elite private schools as you. And, just for good measure, insult people who normally vote for your party as clowns, fruitcakes and closet racists."

Read the rest of the article behind the Times pay wall