Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Concrete block UK - population explosion to continue

Over the last decade the UK population has exploded. London is now as crowded as it was in the 1920's when it was not a pleasant place. The Northwest has grown by over a million people in the last decade and it was a busy place already.

I like a bit of space, I don't like concrete blocks. So living on an island that's the most densely populated place in Europe and one of the most globally is depressing.

I am therefore not overjoyed by today's OFfice of National Statistics prediction that the UK population will jump from around 62-63 to 70 million by 2027. 

Just how much do we want to live like rats in a sack or rabbits in a cage like all these flats in London and Manchester etc. How much more crowded do you want your train to be. Do you want special "crammers" like Japan pushing you onto rammed tube trains. Overcrowded schools, hospitals and alike.

Do you want to see a field between London and the south coast or between Manchester and Liverpool etc. 

The UK is going to get a lot lot busier - more roads, schools, hospitals, housing will be required concreting over what's left of our ironically named "green and pleasant land".

A combination of an increasing birth rate, large scale immigration and people living longer will ensure the figures are not too far off.

I just find it all a bit depressing and totally unmanaged.