Saturday, 2 May 2015

Nice Pay Day for WPP boss - £43 million


"The boss of WPP (Sir Martin Sorrell) was paid almost £43m last year, making him by far the best-paid boss of a British public company. The ad agency’s chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell’s salary was £1.15m but his total pay was increased by a £36m long-term incentive plan bonus and a £3.6m short-term bonus. His pay was more than twice that of the second-best paid FTSE 100 boss, Ben van Beurden at Royal Dutch Shell."

Source: The Week

Sounds a lot doesn't it. Outrageous corporate greed. It hit all the papers and lots of commentators had a go. Now I am not a fan of this man. I don't know him well enough but I do know he has become one of the annoying "talking heads" on news channels over the last few years, giving an opinion on everything.

However I say good on him. He deserves every penny. Why? Well WPP is his bloomin business. He learnt his trade from the Saatchi brothers then went his own way and on his own built this business from scratch.

That's a little different from say the Royal Dutch Shell guy who is head of a huge business but didn't found it.



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