Friday, 1 May 2015

Election 2015 - Leaders QT - Verdict

The verdict was obvious to all surely! The audience won by a mile. They were awesome. Decent well put questions and they refused to be fobbed off by patronising answers. The major concern politicians must have is that not a single one of the audience appeared to believe anything the politicians said.

The politicians were all liars in their minds. I think they pretty much reflected the current mood of the country.

The result list:

1) The audience - won by a mile. Good questions. Good humour but wouldn't let the politicians off the hook.
2) David Cameron - Made good use of the advantage of going first.
3) Nick Clegg - Did quite well despite being last.
4) Ed Miliband - Got hit hard on economic competency questions but kept going.

I felt a bit sorry Dimbleby. I think he has had his time in the sunshine and should hand on to the next generation.

The snap early result poll showed people thought Cameron nicked it.

This is one very close and strange election.

I didn't stay up to listen to Sturgeon, Wood or Farage. I felt they should have been on straight after the main three perhaps. 10:50pm was too late and who needed to listen to the "spin room" drivel anyway. It could have been missed out easily.

BBC won't be happy that their audience for once wasn't biased!

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