Friday, 8 May 2015

GE 2015 Result - WOW

SNP conquer Scotland with 56 out of 59 seats. Lib Dems, Tories and Labour all have one Scottish seat each. Amazing.

UKIP and Greens get millions of votes but only a few seats.

The Liberal Democrats were slaughtered.

Labour was slaughtered in Scotland but also failed to make gains in England and Wales.

The pundits and pollsters got it wrong.

The Tories did incredibly well. Increasing their seats but will probably find it harder to govern than when in coalition as the backbenchers and Bercow will rule.

Labour may have an existential crisis - Scottish disaster, left/right internal argument, positions on the economy and EU to sort, boundary changes against them, UKIP eating into the North, Wales getting eroded, rule by the champagne socialists in London may be on its last legs and finally a leadership battle coming up. Overall the number of people voting left or left of centre appears to be declining even in the face of "austerity".

The Liberal Democrats will have to go away and spend a decade or so rebuilding.

The SNP have done incredibly well and will have to be very careful in how they will weild their new power. It could make them or break them.

UKIP have millions of voters. Again. They can go away and keep slowly building up their base and possibly break through at the next election if they don't implode before. It all depends on Farage and building the profiles of other Ukippers.

Change you can keep.


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