Saturday, 25 April 2015

The problem with Apps

I have used an app called BlogPress for years. It was really easy to use, the UI being great and linked in to other things like Facebook and Twitter easily.

Then after an update in early April it stopped working. It's unusable.

I asked the company, Blogpress, in several ways what was going on. I asked if they would at least update us or give us some information.


Three things annoy me about this.

1) I paid a couple of quid for the app.

2) It was really useful and convenient and it's suddenly gone.

3) I am powerless to address the issue.

Thanks BlogPress for being great for a few years, but no thanks for being useless when things went wrong.

I have moved to a new blog app called Blogsy. It's a bit more complicated but seems good so far.



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