Thursday, 4 June 2015

Super-sized Manchester Airport

Manchester Evening News had the scoop on the new plans to upgrade Manchester airport. It needs it and so does the North West. I am completely against insane plans to expand Heathrow. It's pollution kills Londoners, it congests the South East and chokes off growth in other places. There do need to be alternatives and this looks like a decent effort. Manchester airport is also partly publicly owned so any profits can go to the local taxpayer as they have done in the past. I do worry about noise pollution. I lived under the Heathrow flight path in London and it's not great.

The summary:-

  • A transformed Terminal 2 expanded by 140 per cent with a direct link to a revamped Terminal 3 - taking potential passenger capacity from around 25m to 50m.
  • New airside transfer facilities so passengers can walk directly from aircraft to terminal.
  • Links so connecting passengers don’t have to leave the buildings.
  • Improved and automated bag check-in and faster security.
  • A new US pre-clearance facility so passengers can get through immigration, customs and agricultural inspection before boarding their flight.
  • Around 50 food and drink outlets.
  • More stands and piers for aircraft.
  • Improved infrastructure around the airport with good links to the £800m Airport City.
It seems to fit in with Osbornes idea of a Northern Power House.

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