Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Corbyn considered

Corbyn considered by "SuperTurboFunkatron", a person in the comments section below a John Harris video on the Guardian website entitled "Corbymania collides with reality" (well worth watching):-

Ask most people what is wrong with Labour and the response will likely be "Corbyn".

Ask them why, and you'll likely get a series of muddled answers. Sometimes people have an irrational dislike for someone.

But this doesn't make them stupid, or bigots, or fascists, or anything else you might want to label them as. They're just human beings.

Now with this in mind what is the best way to change peoples opinion of someone? That is the real challenge. Name calling or worse, saying you support him as you call people names isn't going to help. So what do you do?

I don't have an answer. I don't like him. I vote Labour and unless Lib Dems get their sh*t together I'll likely never vote for any other party. I still don't like him and the only reasons I can think of are:

1. Really bad timing. Mass migration, Terrorist attacks, Bombings, etc. And he's an old tired looking man who seems to want to point at the West and condemn the West.

2. I don't feel engaged by him. I've been to a couple of rallies and heard him speak, he's actually pretty good but he's not very inspiring.

3. He's like my uncle Gerald. An old, well meaning duffer who has ideas floating around in his mind and his own agenda that he can't quite formalise... Not someone who I see as a "natural leader".

4. F*cking Londoner. I'm a Northerner, I get looked down upon and am continually told that London is better. Don't patronise me.

5. His face. Always looks miserable or withering... Like he tolerates people but thinks he knows better.

Now I know these aren't actually real reasons to dislike him, but they are in my head and he's not doing anything to change my opinion.


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