Friday, 4 September 2015


Jeremy Corbyn is currently the favourite to become leader of the Labour Party.

I find this incredible.

On the good side he appears to sincerely hold his beliefs.

As for the bad well his ideas are crackers. Commentators say many of his policies are out of the 1970's. They have been tried, tested and found to fail. I did not believe all the hype until last night.

I heard the Sky leadership debate. He is just wrong. He promises a land of milk and honey on an epic scale. We can have it all. We just have to print money and spend it and all will be well. The audience loved him for it but it won't work. 84% felt he won the debate.

He also looked shattered after a month or so campaigning. 5 years of Labour leadership would be a test.

Probably the scariest thing is the fact that so many Labour members are desperate for him to win they want the land of milk and honey and that's understandable but it ignores the mad Corbynomics that he uses to make the promises.

He is a fairly fluent speaker and is good at pressing red buttons like bashing bankers or save the NHS.

One redeeming feature I can think of is that he hates he EU and has done for a long time. Good lad.



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